About Me

Welcome to the world of The Mumma Startup.

I am Amritha Srinath and this blog is all about my journey in raising my 3 year old son Ayaansh. I was a full time advertising professional, managing various brands and endorsements across the country.
Later on when I was pregnant with Ayaansh, I had made my choice to be a STAY AT HOME MOM and till today, this has been the most enjoyable and fruitful phase of my life!

The Mummying Journey brought a lot of challenges, yet it is very rewarding and beautiful for me. Every moment with Ayaansh is a different tale to be retold, a beautiful memory to be cherished and looked upon.

So this blog will show you the glimpses from my parenting journey, my experiences in various aspects of life and the reviews of the brands that I love and use in our daily life. I will also be sharing the DIY activities that will be fun & easy to do, book reviews for the young & old, my views related to topics like womanhood, culture & fashion trends, movies,lifestyle and health. And when the mittens are on, you may find me sharing the special recipes straight from my kitchen.

So grab some chips, get yourself comfortable and join me in the amazing roller coaster journey. Share your feedback, pour in your love by commenting on posts!

So, Let’s begin it!! Hoot, Hoot!!

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