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Few months ago I stumbled upon this book called as ‘Unspoken-A bouquet of short stories‘ in Blogchatter and took it up for a review. It’s been few months, life had it’s own course and I had stayed away from writing. But now that I am back, the first thing that I am going to write about is this book review.

Unspoken – A Bouquet of Short Stories by author Sadhana Wadhwa is a collection of short stories that explores the everchanging human relationships. Though the seven short stories are entirely different, the choices they make and the consequences of it forms the central theme. All the short stories encapsulate this essence of love, loss, choices and consequences.

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What I really liked about this book is that, the author has drawn inspiration from the real lives breathing life into each character bringing them alive for the readers. These characters take you through the journey of various emotions and make this book a short and sweet read. However, I personally would have loved if few of these stories would have been a tad longer or had a proper closure.

In the first story – Deliverance, Shraddha the protagonist faces a unique dilemma. Shraddha eagerly awaits her husband’s arrival to share the pregnancy news. But life has different plans and Kshitij ends up in a critical state at the hospital after an accident. Now, Shraddha must make a difficult choice as life takes a tumultuous turn. This is a story of love, loss, pain, sacrifice and healing and one of my favorite from the book.

The second story – Unfinished Business is a story that revolves around two ex-lovers Jaya and Mihir who meet each other after a long time. Will the old love re-surface and create a whirl-wind in their lives? Why did they go separate ways the first time? Does life really offer second chance? And if yes, should you consider it? Unfinished Business is a story that melts your heart and make you want more.

Stella is the third story which revolves around Maya-Stella and their friendship. This is a tale that most of the younger generation would relate to but somehow it failed to connect with me.

In ‘Three To Tango’ we meet Diya, Kiara and Rishaan who are besties. When cupid plays its part, friendship turns into love. Rishaan loves Diya and Diya loves Rishaan too. But, will they ever take their childhood friendship to the next phase? Will Kiara’s love for Rishaan be enough to win his heart or should she remain in the friend zone? Read this love triangle to find out! I am sure this short read will give you the answers you are looking for!

The Date is another endearing story in the book. Eight years back, Aditi takes a stand for the person she loves the most. But this love had cost her to sacrifice many other relationships. However today, lost love and relationships knock her door once again. This is a story that many of us can easily relate with, especially after one is a parent. The delicate threads of a relationship are interwoven to create this poignant tale of finding lost love. My favorite line from this story is, ‘Memories, however, have a cunning way of sneaking back
right when we don’t wish for them to.’

A Twist of Fate is one of the stories which talks about facing our fears, voice out our feelings and emphasizing on how frustration and anger can lead us upto nowhere. The twist at the end of the story is not what you expect and this tale of love-lost and found is well-written indeed.

The Doll is the last story talks about strained relationships, misunderstandings, accepting mistakes and giving second chances. As a mother, this is a story that reminded me to trust my child, believe in their beliefs and stand by them no matter what!

Final Verdict: I am a big fan of novels that keep me hooked for days together. So this book – Unspoken – A Collection of Short Stories was an extreme short read for me. Nevertheless, the stories are well written and inspired from the lives of people around. However, there were places where it could have been more lengthy, or could have a better back story making the readers more engrossed in the stories. But, if you love reading short stories or intend to finish your reading target for the year, then this book is definitely for you.

Title:  Unspoken – A Bouquet Of Short Stories

Author:  Sadhna Wadhwa

Category: Fiction

Genre: Short Stories, Drama

Language: English

No. of Pages: 32

Rating: 3 / 5

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  1. Lovely book cover. I like novels which are a compilation of short stories. Going by your review, this one seems a collection of some nice and catchy stories.

  2. Like you I am also not a big fan of reading short stories. I had read reviews of this book previously too and after reading yours’s felt that it is promising read. I really liked the way you have shared details about different short stories from book and shared honest review about them.

  3. I wld definitely check this book as I’m not able to catch up with my reading these days and such stories are exactly what I need right now. Loved your review with th details mentioned.

  4. I find it hard to switch from one story to other so quickly and hence try not to read the short stories that much. But this book Unspoken seems a good read about relationships. I may try to grab it just because I am curious to know about the stories.

  5. I’m going to buy this book right away post your recommendation. All the seven short stories look interesting, and in any case, I love books like these which cover the essence of love, loss, choices, and consequences.

  6. I love reading short stories as they are quick to grab and get finished with. These short stories seems so beautiful and worth catching up on. Will surely get it for myself. Loved the honest and to the point review of the book.

  7. Short stories about human relationships is just the right read I’m always on the lookout for. Would love to check out this book. Unfinished Business sounds interesting.

  8. I enjoy reading books of short stories as I get more stories in one book to enjoy. The snippets of the stories you have shared seem to be interesting a quick and easy breezy read.

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