Parlour Like Glow at home with VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit

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Hope you all are doing great and having a blast with your families and friends. With the festive season kicking in, we all want to look gorgeous, click those #instagram worthy pictures for which the need to visit salon/parlour is more than ever before. But, not all of us have the time for an elaborate pampering session in salons nor support to look after our children while we are gone. In this scenario, bringing the parlour home becomes a wise choice, isn’t it? So, this festive season I have decided to get the salon like glow at home with VLCC Natural Sciences Papaya Fruit Facial Kit.

You all already know how much I love my VLCC Gold Radiance Peel Off Mask for it’s easy application, removal and after look. So this time, I got home a mini facial kit from VLCC Natural Sciences which provides blemish free complexion and parlour like glow at home.

VLCC Natural Sciences Papaya Fruit Facial Kit

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The New Papaya Fruit Facial Kit from VLCC Natural Sciences contains the goodness of papaya, cucumber, peach and orange peel extracts. These natural ingredients help in removing dead skin cells, in hydrating the skin and maintain its oil balance. This combination of natural extracts from papaya, cucumber, peach, watermelon and orange peel ensures that we get blemish free, radiant complexion.

Contents of VLCC NS Papaya Fruit Facial Kit

The 60 gm pack of the VLCC Natural Science Papaya Fruit Facial Kit includes toner, scrub, gel, cream, anti-tan pack and moisturizing gel of 10 gms each:

  1. The Comfrey Cleanser cum Toner has comfrey leaf extract, aloe vera leaf extract, etc. that helps in deep cleansing of the skin. The cleanser cum toner also helps to minimize the pores which prepares the skin to gain maximum benefit from the facial process. Personally, I loved the mild yet fresh fragrance of the cleanser which is also soothing to the senses.
  2. The Papaya Seed Scrub has a nice, faint fruity fragrance to it and gives a pleasing experience to the user. It is enriched with Papain and Vitamin A which helps in breaking down of the pores. The scrub has tiny orange natural beads/granules which gently exfoliates the skin and removes blemishes and pigmentation from the surface, thereby giving an even skin tone.
  3. The Cucumber Gel is enriched with cucumber extracts, aloe vera and watermelon extracts. The pale yellow gel instantly soothes the skin by giving a cooling effect. It helps in treating rashes and blemishes by making the skin visibly radiant.
  4. The Peach Massage Cream is infused with the goodness of peach extract, olive oil, cocoa butter, etc. which instantly helps the skin to rejuvenate and look fresh. This thick cream spreads easily and gets easily absorbed into the skin. The fragrance is again soothing to the senses.
  5. The Orange Anti Tan Pack is thick, easily spreading well across the face area. It is enriched with orange peel oil and other ingredients which works as an effective de-tan pack. This pack gives you a clean even complexion after use. It also helps in skin renewal.
  6. The Oil Free Moisturizing Gel is the last tube of the pack and is a gel based moisturizer. This pale yellow moisturizer is easy to apply and gives you a non-greasy, non-oily skin. It also has the cooling effect when applied, as it is enriched with the goodness of aloe vera gel extracts, cucumber and watermelon extracts. This moisturizer also blocks out the harmful UVA & UVB rays as it contains SPF 15 with PA+. The usage of this moisturizer ensures that the fresh, even glow on your face stays for a longer period.
Contents of VLCC Life Sciences Papaya Fruit Facial Kit

Steps for the parlour like glow at home!

Step 1:

Start by gently applying the Comfrey Cleanser on your damp face and neck. Massage in upward and outward small circular strokes for 3-5 minutes. Wipe off the excess with moist cotton. Pay special attention to the corners of your nose, hairline, chin and neck.

Step 2:

In a small bowl, squeeze out some Papaya Seed Scrub. Add few drops of water to it or have a damp face. Apply the scrub all over the face and massage gently in upward and outward motion including the tip of your nose for 5-7 minutes. Rinse of the excess with cold water.

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Step 3:

On a dry face and neck, apply the cucumber gel as required. Massage gently with fingertips till it gets absorbed. 

Step 4:

Take the Peach Massage Cream on your finger tips and apply all over the face and neck. Massage with light circular upward strokes for 10-15 minutes.

Step 5:

In a small bowl, take some Orange Anti Tan Pack. With a brush, apply the mask evenly on your face and neck. Avoid the eye area. Relax and let the mask dry. This might take 15 minutes. Wipe off with a wet tissue and then rinse gently by splashing lukewarm water on the face and neck. 

Step 6:

The final step to look gorgeous is by taing some oil free moisturising gel on your finger tips and applying it on your face neck. This final step ensures that your skin remains fresh, rejuvenated and glowy for days together.

My Final Word on VLCC Natural Sciences Papaya Fruit Facial Kit!

As a sleep deprived mother of two children, I do have a layer of under eye circles and slight pigmentation on my nose. To my surprise, after the first use of VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial glow, the dark circles around my eyes turned lighter giving me an even look.

My skin felt fresh, soft and supple after the complete facial regime.

The pigmentation and white heads around my nose were considerably reduced after the use.

The consistency of each product was just right and they were very easy to spread across the face. The scrub, mositurizer and gel cream was easily absorbed into the skin.

The Anti tan pack is indeed effective and gives an even skin tone unlike many other mask. The anti-tan pack also keeps the skin nourished and washes off easily.

The 10gm tubes are easy to carry and use. It is sufficient for two sessions or two people at a time. The nozzle is seal pack preventing any leakage when packed in the box. Also, this box is compact, with the detailed list of ingredients used in each tubes.

With VLCC products being so effective and affordable, one can easily use it in their regular skin care routine.

Indeed with VLCC Natural Sciences Papaya Fruit Facial Kit, I could feel my skin have a youthful and radiant complexion. I definitely would recommend trying this product for an easy, quick and mess free facial at home.

Price of the product: INR 257/-

My Rating: 5/5

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  1. I am a big fan of papaya facial. And the other items in this kit are also filled with goodness required for a glowing skin. VLCCbis a trusted brand. I am sure it’s users will be happy with the results.

  2. I had used other products of VLCC in the past and had a great experience. this VLCC papaya fruit facial kit looking amazing. thanks dear for sharing all insights.

  3. I’m a strong believer that for skincare you can’t just use anything. VLCC has a good reputation in the market and I can surely benefit from this papaya fruit facial kit. I hope the product caters to men also.

  4. Even I have used this facial kit and like the results afterwards. It truly gives a nicer, glowing and youthful skin.

  5. I’m currently using the VLCC diamond facial kit and am very impressed with its results. This Papaya facial kit looks like a must-try and has everything covered.

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