How can kids catchup during summer?

March 13th 2020, that was the last time my son had been to school. The pandemic had not only brought the globe to a screeching halt but also took away the experience of learning in a brick-and-mortar environment.

My son took his Jr.Kg classes virtually for the entire academic year. While he did enjoy to some extent, definitely much better than no school at all, virtual learning did present various restrictions. With limited screen time and teacher’s trying their best to adapt to virtual classes and primitive use of technology, children were left with little time to hone their basic building blocks leading to frustration and ultimately disinterest and drive to attend the remote learning classes.

Now, with the second wave engulfing us in a more dangerous way, going to a school and having a formal education seems like a distant dream.

We parents, also faced a lot of challenges where we had to unlearn and learn the new-age curriculum to teach our children. Many of us became home-schoolers, trying to perfect the art of practical approach to teaching. The anxiety to make our children excel and fill in the gaps of current method of education, does put a tremendous pressure on parents and children likewise. I will be lying if I say that we haven’t prepared for the upcoming academic year this vacation. With flash cards, worksheets and printable, my house remains a mini-school for my son.

Recently, as I was browsing through one of the parenting groups in my WhatsApp, a parent had shared how an EdTech app had made learning easier for her daughter. Her daughter now seemed to be interested in learning online and utilized her screen time in a much more beneficial way. Upon inquiring, I got to know it was “Byju’s The Learning App”. Immediately, we installed the app and browsed through the contents which was intuitive and informative.

Why BYJU’s The Learning App?

It is an all-encompassing knowledge repository offering courses for classes right from Kindergarten to Grade 12. There were a range of topics covered for UKG ranging from Pre-literacy skills, Phonics, Grammar, etc in English to Spatial awareness, Lines & Shapes, Time, etc in Maths which were simplified through short fun visuals. On exploring more, I found that for higher grades there are numerous subjects categorized into small topics which are further broken down to minute concepts.

The teaching methodology is engaging, and ensures the child not only learns but also understands the concept. Also, the mapping of chapters to syllabus of different boards also makes the learning journey easy. The app also caters to students from vernacular mediums, ensuring language is not a barrier to learning.

Different format of practice, question paper and mock tests ensure you have grasped the topic thoroughly before moving to the next one, especially “Quizzo” which is a fun way to challenge your friends on varied topics. A sample Progress Report and a monthly personal guidance also provides you valuable recommendations to improve your learning chart. There is also an option to enroll for online tuitions conducted by top teachers with live doubt solving and one-on-one attention.

Image Source: Byju’s The Learning App

Call me a paranoid parent, but seeing your own child grapple through the fast-paced syllabus set online, the lack of motivation to attend virtual classes and having additional new subjects like coding, computers and languages does give me nightmares. However, in Byju’s The Learning App, we have found a great companion for my child which will enable us to bridge the challenges of today’s remote learning, and allow my child to learn anytime and anywhere.

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  1. Byjus learning App is really helpful. I use it for my daughter too; it has helped her clear the doubts.

  2. My daughter is using this app, but now I am planning for my son too as it’s a great way to learn with fun and clear the concepts!!

  3. Summer time is the time when kids can learn many new things and also revise their already learned concepts. But sometimes, the reverse happens. In such case, if they have some structured method then this gap can be filled easily. I have hearing a lot of good things about BYJU’s

  4. Byju sounds like a great app to support our kid’s online learning. thanks a lot dear for sharing all details. will check this out for my girls for sure.

  5. I have enrolled my daughter for the Byju’s summer program , I love the way she is learning new things in a fun and interactive way

  6. Byju’s is definitely one of the best apps for learning and I will definitely try it for my daughter. Online learning had got some difficulties and this seems to be a great way in making her interested.

  7. I have heard about Byju’s learning app and was thinking to get my son enrolled in it. Thanks for your post I am reassured now to go ahead with Byju’s only

  8. These are testing times for kids and parents alike. The methods of learning have undegone a paradigm shift. Thanks to apps like Byjus, today kids can keep abreast their learning from the safety of their homes.

  9. I totally have to agree with you Byjus is such a beautiful companion for kids and helps in easy learning as well. In fact its all the more helpful as it offers interactive learning.

  10. Byjus app is a great one for kids. My son likes it too because of its animations. its like play and learn for them. I think its really cool.

  11. I personally like Byju’s too so good to know buddy you too vouch for it it only strengthens my belief further

  12. Byjus has made its name and mark for online studying platform. I’ve friends who’s kids are using byjus and they just have praises for the app. I am planning to get my daughter registered too.

  13. getting the kids to sit and study is so difficult. and with summer vacations nearly here, i am glad to read about this app which will make it fun and engaging for them and keep them learning throughout.

  14. Byju’s is truly a revolutionary learning app and I am surely going to try it out for my daughter too.

  15. Byju’s is a great option for kids to spend quality and productive time during summer vacation. This is very helpful post.

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