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There is so much joy and mirth associated with the birth of a child in the family. As the child grows and completes his/her milestones, the proud parents gear up to teach them various life skills. But with today’s scenario, there are many parents who have demanding work schedules which leaves them with limited time to spend with their children. While lockdown was a blessing in disguise for many families, many parents found it even more difficult to spend time with their children as the work from home schedules consumed even more time in their life. In the latter case, children spent most of the time watching the digital medium or ended up playing alone, or enrolled in few digital classes or spending time with their nanny.

And this is the situation, where we as parents failed to understand our children. We failed to understand what the child actually needs or why do WE need to have an active approach in OUR child’s life?

Isn’t the above quote 100% true?

We go to work and earn money, buy a house, pay lakhs for schooling, buy branded products, go for expensive holidays, to make our children feel that they have the best of everything. But isn’t this a fact that, neither money nor any luxuries can replace the happiness of a child that he gets when his parents spend some time him. In today’s scenario, we yearn to step out and have a vacation, but our kids need no resorts or play areas to make him/her feel loved. They just need us to talk with them, cuddle them and acknowledge their presence.

So, let me begin the first chapter ‘Active Approach – The ‘A’ in parenting essentials‘.

What is Active Approach?

In simple words, it means getting all involved proactively in your child’s life each day, everyday. Active Parenting is a term coined on the basis of mid-20th-century research of social psychologists Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs. It involves improvising parental approach on a continuous basis and staying abreast of new developments in child psychology and teaching methods.

A for Active Approach in Parenting Essentials

How can we do it?


For a long time now, comparison has played a major part in raising a child. Right from the moment he/she is born, the colors, features and developmental milestones are in constant comparison with either the parents of the child, or siblings or with the relatives and friends. Once the child gets enrolled in school, his grades, skills and talent are in comparison with the world(thanks to the digital era). Every time, a parent or the family says, ‘Look at your brother/cousin – he is much better than you, has scored 95%, etc”, the child gets pushed backwards instead of getting motivated. A child who is raised in such environment generally grows up to be a shy and inconfident or a person with low self-esteem. So, let us ask ourselves, DO WE WANT TO RAISE OUR CHILD like this? If, the answer is NO, then ACCEPT YOUR CHILD!

Accept them as they are, with all their goodness and flaws. Tell them it is okay to be poor in something, when they can be much better in other things. Tell them, it is perfectly fine if they cannot sing or dance and support them for the things they love. Research and read on improvising their skill or talent.

Adaptation/ Adjustment

I often see many parents letting go of the things they like, for the sake of their children and later imposing their desires on the child. Please, parents, let us not do that!
Having a child of your own is purely your decision or might be by accident. Relax, you are blessed. So, be happy and live happy. If we are sacrificing our requirements considering it to be the best decision of the child, then let us move on, never look back and not shoulder the responsibilities on our children. Let us adapt or adjust without any strings attached. Trust me, it is the best mindset, helps all to stay in peace and in harmony. Teach your children the hardships in life, it will be useful to them as LIFE SKILLS. It is not always necessary to give them all the luxuries and have a simple life for yourselves. Adapt and adjust to have a better life, but let it be for all of you in the family. By this mindset, the relationships will be much better. Let us raise our children right.


As per the quote by Anthony Witham, ‘CHILDREN BECOME SPOILED WHEN WE SUBSTITUTE PRESENTS FOR PRESENCE’. As per many studies, this statement is found to be true in many cases across the globe. A child with parent-attention-deficit is more likely to have mental problems as compared to any other deficits.
Being a mother to a toddler, I know how much attention Ayaansh craves for – when I am alone with him/with my hubby/out with friends or at a party. He loves to be the epicenter of my life and relishes all the attention I give him. Imagine this little soul, who never gets bored of you, and clings to you at all possible situations. Every relation a human chooses comes with an expiry, but the mother-child relationship is so unique, God-gifted and wonderful. The little soul is in so much awe with you. Enjoy Mummas, the tiny little creatures are the most priceless in your life. Now Daddys’, please don’t get dejeceted, you are equally loved by your child. So, even if you are dead tired after a hard day of work, come home with a smile in your face to your child and see how he/she can expand it for you. All the tiredness will be gone in a jiffy.


They are the most instrumental contribution to our children’s development. Activities can be in form of toys, books, outdoor or indoor plays, or can be a theme based activity box like @Flintobox or @FirstcryIntellikit. They can be in form of any sports or any motivating visuals. As a parent, first try to understand your child’s area of interest, read and explore the options available in market and choose wisely according to what suits your child’s likes, your budget and his/her safety. It is also vital that you as a parent spend the activity time with your child rather outsourcing it to grandparents or the nanny. A child learns better with a parent rather than others. Studies have found that the impact is much better when the child learns with his/her parent.


Last but not the least, appreciate your child in his/her tiny achievements. Let the toys be stacked in the reverse way, let the colors be painted wrong, appreciate – because the child has attempted stacking the toy or has tried his hands in coloring. Their interests develop further more. When we as parents appreciate their little effort, what they gain out of it, is TREMENDOUS CONFIDENCE, TRUST in YOU and their love for you grows in multitudes. A ‘WELL DONE!’ or ‘VERY GOOD’ goes a long way than we imagine. So let the positive words flow out of you and let the child soar high with open wings.

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  1. This is such a nice blog Amritha. Truely what we really need to do for our kids is give them time and attention and appreciation for the little things that they do. This will help them be so assertive in life.

  2. You have mentioned some really good pointers. It is very important to appreciate kids to boost their confidence. Such a great start to this A toZ.

  3. Hi dear I was waiting to read your post. loved your theme and I am sure that you will share some amazing parenting posts with this series. as “A” you had covered all essential elements so well. parenting is a learning journey that it is very important to give enough time to our kids by keeping a balanced approach. looking forward for upcoming posts dear, all the best.

  4. Acceptance is so so important for a child yet I sometimes find it difficult because of expectation of my toddlers behaviour in certain manner. Every time he doesn’t act like I what him to, I remind myself to accept the way he is.

    And oh the attention! I can totally understand that.

    Also the appreciation is must for them to understand we acknowledge. And the happiness they have after we appreciate them is priceless.

  5. I am not a parent yet but I think I will learn a lot of life lessons as a whole, through your posts. Looking for to reading more from you this April.

  6. You have beautifully jotted down all the necessary ‘A’ elements that required to keep in mind in raising a healthy little mind and body. As a mother I can totally relate with each and every pointers.

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  9. I loved the detailed writeup. A Daily reminder list for all of us harried multitasking parents.

  10. Very nice post dear… truly we parents have to give more time to kids to shape their overall development and growth…

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