BlogchatterA2Z Challenge 2021 – Theme Reveal

April marks the beginning of a new month, a new season, a new financial year and the start of summer holidays. It is the time of fresh mangoes, frozen popsicles, vacay to beaches and much more. Our children wait with much anticipation for this month, they have serious plans you see! But this year, it is going to be different with the pandemic still hovering around us. So, it’s time to sit at home, cuddle with your children, learn, play and explore more new interesting things.

Well, this April, I have dared to challenge myself by taking a mammoth of task, which is writing 26 posts in 30 days. You heard it right, I am going to challenge my ability to write and take my blog to another level. It is going to be super special and interesting.

I shall also be reading other blogs, penned by my fellow blogger-colleagues and will also share my favorite posts in Twitter under the #TheMummaStartupReads. It sounds fun, hectic and time-consuming, all the same time right?

So, let me tell you one more thing – my posts will have an alphabetical order, i.e., starting from A till Z!


What is BlogchatterA2Z Challenge?

To start with, those of you are new to the blogging space, BLOGCHATTER is a community of bloggers, who inspire you to pursue your passion of blogging by hosting different challenges and workshops and by encouraging you in every way possible.

Every year, April marks the beginning of #BlogchatterA2Z challenge, that motivates you to write more consistently, read and engage on your fellow bloggers’ posts and gradually shaping you up as an author of an E-Book. For this A2Z Challenge, you can also choose a theme to write, so that all the 26 posts are synchronized. So beginning with alphabet A on April 1st, alphabet B on April 2nd and so on, we have to write one blog post a day from Monday till Saturday. Sundays are a break day(to plan and draft the posts). So, it is ONE THEME for 26 DAYS consisting of 26 ALPHABETS!

Why am I participating in #BlogchatterA2Z?

There are plenty of reasons to participate in Blogchatter A2Z Challenge. The first and foremost reason is, ‘I love to write’. I loved expressing myself, about my day, the lessons I learnt, to preserve some memories, etc. Even as I child, I used to write a lot, filling many pages with short stories, poetries or even some lovely quotes & proverbs I came across.

So, when I started this blog, all I wanted to do was genuinely share my lessons from parenting, talk about the brands we loved, share some tips and tricks that have helped me, share my musings with you all. Blogchatter, through this challenge simply motivates me to be consistent with my writing. It’s like each day you wake up with new ideas to write and share it with the world.

Also, writing for Blogchatter, allows me to explore various topics, learn from my blogging peers and allows me to expand my horizon in the world of blogging. This Challenge is also an amazing opportunity to take my blog to another level by writing regularly and have a better Alexa rank too.

Well, another reason is, this challenge also helps me to take my time-out and focus on my professional front, i.e. Blogging. Otherwise, my hands are full by tending to my children and husband. So, I can also say, #BlogchatterA2Z also gives that much deserved ‘ME’ time.

Do I have a theme?

Well, I do have a theme in mind and before I reveal it, let me tell you why I chose it!

I am a mother to 2 children, Ayaansh(5 years) and Hridaan(3 months), and never have I felt so fulfilled in my life. Each day, for the past five years, Ayaansh has made learn, unlearn and relearn a lot of things in life. Last year, when pandemic struck us, I was pregnant with my second baby and had seen Ayaansh growing into caring and loving child. Although he was confined to the four walls like all of us, he had a constant smile on his face showing how excited he was to face the next day. Every morning I realized how blessed I am and learned from the power to go-on! Now, cut to the present, I am in my happy space, seeing Ayaansh and Hridaan bond, with the latter getting excited, cooing and smiling at his big brother and vice versa. Seeing Hridaan, I learn the power of observation, the power of smiling and cheering the other person, the patience and determination he shows when he needs to pick that rattle.

Yes, these are tiny life lessons, yet they make me a better mother, a better parent, a better human being.

So, dear readers, my theme for BlogchatterA2Z 2021 would be A to Z of Parenting Essentials and through this I will be sharing parenting tips and tricks, ways to nurture and nourish our little ones, stories from our life, the lessons we learned, some DIYs and hacks, few recipes that we love at home, etc.

So dear readers,

I am excited to write about my learning as a parent and hope that you are as excited as me to read my take on parenting. So please share your love by reading, commenting and sharing my posts in social media and your loved ones.

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And, that’s all for now. Gearing up for April now!

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