10 plants to keep the mosquitoes away!

The scorching summers are here, forcing me to keep the windows and doors open past 5 pm! And so the deadliest of all insects – Mosquitoes enter my house, making it impossible for me to concentrate in any work. So, I light up the coil, switch on the mosquito repellent vaporizer, even apply Odomos that promises me a bite-free night, use the so-called natural repellent spray, all adding to my dismay! I have a sleepless night, with blanket all over me making me sweat profusely. It is yet another victory night for the mosquitoes v/s me and all the repellent companies.

Does this story seem familiar to you? If yes, then keep reading and you shall have to thank me for sharing this post. And well, if your answer is NO, then maybe aapka khoon itna meeta nahi hai and kya usme namak hai? Okay, I agree, it was a lame joke. Nevertheless, read on and share it with those who need it!

Why Plants and Not Repellents?

Are baba, abhi toh kaha na, they are INEFFECTIVE on MOSQUITOES! And way too harmful for us, as we absorb all the chemicals and smoke from these repellents. These repellents cause breathing problems, eye irritation, skin allergies and headache over prolonged use. Most of the naturally made mosquito repellents contain concentrated form of essential oils, which is only effective for a short period which brings us to the topic of the day.

In one of my post on gardening, I had written about 5 essential house plants that are a must at home if you are pregnant or have a baby at home. So, add these 10 plants to the essential list and have a beautiful green garden at home and stay mosquito-free!

1. Citronella Grass

Citronella is one of the most used ingredient in all the DEETs and mosquito repellents. This is because Citronella has a strong, citrus-like scent that repels whitefiles, mosquitoes and other insects. It is a low maintenance, indoor plant that not only repels the mosquitoes but also prevents the bugs and pest attacking other plants around it.

2. Marigolds

These beautiful flowers need no introduction. They are extensively used in Indian households as offerings and decorations for God. However, the less known fact about Marigolds are that the plant contain pyrethrum, a compound that is used in many repellants. It is sometimes referred to as “nature’s insecticide.” It is a simple to grow plant, whose smell repels mosquitoes and keeps away aphids, whiteflies, squash bugs and tomato hornworms. We can grow them in holders or pots and keep them at the entrance to keep the bugs out. Marigolds are also used as edging plants for vegetable gardens.

3. Garlic (Allium Sativum)

Garlic is a wonderful anti- bacterial plant that can ward off mosquitoes from your home. The pungent smell is not only a deterrent for mosquitoes but also for other tiny insects at home. So, we can also chop tiny pieces and spread it around the windows and corners of our house to keep the mosquitoes away. To make a homemade mosquito repelling spray, squeeze the garlic juice, add citronella or other aromatic essential oil and spray it around your house.

4. Rosemary

Rosemary is a popular aromatic herb that is used by many culinarians. it also has varied medicinal properties and the rosemary oil is beneficial for our hair and skin. The woody aroma ensures that mosquitoes, moths and flies are away from our houses. These plants thrive in warm and dry temperatures, easily grown in our kitchen garden. It can also be kept indoors provided there is ample sunlight.

5. Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass also known as Cymbopogon Citratus is a widely used plant in across the globe. The bloom of lemon grass contains high level of citral, that acts as an natural mosquito repellent and hence are extensively used in making toiletries, scents and candles too. In India, we also use lemongrass as a medicinal plant that acts as an anti-inflammatory medicine. It is a low maintenance plant that also repels bugs and insects. So, having a lemongrass plant in your garden will definitely keep the other plants safe and sound too.

6. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm, known as Melissa Officinalis is an herb belonging to the mint family. Its medicinal properties is often used help reduce stress, alleviate stomach trouble and more. These plants are excellent mosquito repellent and can be planted in your kitchen garden or even kept indoors.

7. Catnip / Nepeta Cataria

Catnip is a plant that has been found to be 10 times stronger than DEET. It contains the chemical nepetalactone that is a strong mosquito repellent and feline attractant. Hence Catnip plant is a top choice among the list of plants that repel mosquitoes. Catnip plants is easy to care and can be grown in pots at home.

8. Basil

We all know that basil has medicinal properties but Basil is a strong mosquito repellent too. It’s strong smell is toxic to mosquito larvae, so, place the plant near standing water as it deters the mosquitoes from laying eggs. Not only it repels mosquitoes but also white flies, asparagus beetle, and the carrot fly.

9. Scented Geranium

Geraniums are slightly lemon scented and can keep a handful of pests away from your home and garden. These mosquito-repelling flowers have beautiful blooms and come in vibrant colors that make them great for decorating. Scented geraniums have a small portion of citronella oil that contributes to their mosquito-repelling capacity.

10. Lavender

Lavender is a beautiful plant whose fragrance helps in calming our mind after a long day. While we love Lavender oils, soaps, and candles at home, a lot of insects including mosquitoes, flies, fleas and moths get repelled by its fragrance. So, it is ideal to have a Lavender plant at home, as it beautifies our home and keeps the blood sucking insects at bay.

Hope you all have added these plants to your cart!

So, happy gardening guys!

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  1. This is such a savior list, I wasn’t aware the marigolds can help to prevent mosquitoes. Let me get couple of planters for my space

  2. Wow this is such a great informative post dear. I did not know that basil and marigold have mosquito repellent properties. will surly keep these plant suggestion in mind, when do a plant shopping for my household.

  3. I have marigold in my front yard. Didn’t know it has mosquito repellent properties. Lavender is one of my favorite plants. Let me make a list of these pl ants and get a few in my next trip.

  4. I seriously had no idea about these plants one of the best and safe and natural way to keep the mosquitoes away definitely will be checking out for these plants.

  5. Wow, this is such an interesting and informative post. I wasn’t aware that these plants can act as mosquito repellant. Great one. Would keep some of them in my home.

  6. I remember mom growing basil and ajwain shrubs to keep the lurking blood suckers away, this list is quite exhaustive and cover many options. Will check some for my window garden.

  7. Marigold and Basil are two plants from the above list which are there in my garden…. will love to add the remaining in the garden for mosquito protection but how far I will be successful god knows as the Monkey Gang is always busy attacking and destroying the garden and plants of my whole society.

  8. Mosquitoes are such a big hassle specially during these months. But I am glad you bought this up I have a few of them now I can get few more as well.

  9. Thanks for this informative post. Mosquitoes are trouble making. I would soon get these plants and make sure to make my house mosquito free😊

  10. So unique and interesting article. Garlic is my favorite and it really works. It can also be helpful to keep lizards away.

  11. Indeed these are some of the best plants to have in the house to keep the mosquitoes away. Even i have few of these in house and they indeed work magic. My personal fav is citronella.

  12. Wow that’s a nice list Amritha. I have a few of these plants at home but didn’t know they also help to ward off mosquitos. There is so much new to know and learn from each of your blogs. Great going.

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