Is my child’s growth pattern on mark?

Maria Montessori once stated, “Watching a child makes it obvious that the development of his mind comes through his movements.”

And isn’t it true? Our children grow from infancy to toddlerhood to pre-schooler and so on, and each activity they do in their respective stages is fascinating for parents to watch and relish for a lifetime.

But, being a parent also has its share of worry. We mothers, especially, tend to be paranoid about our children growing right as per their age, whether they are achieving all the milestones, especially in comparison to other kids of the same age. We also worry whether they are healthy enough to combat the increasing diseases and growth issues.

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Our growth story:

As a mom, I often worried if my son was eating right, getting all the right nutrients and whether it was enough; but thanks to some counselling by a good expert, Google searches and suggestions from mom communities, I could figure out better ways to feed him and he started to gain some height and weight.

It was during that period, I got to know about the Growth Charts and its importance.

Previously, I used to randomly look at the growth chart given to us by Ayaansh’s pediatric without realizing how important it was, and the child’s necessity to hit the right mark, it’s implications if the child’s growth in early years was inadequate.

So, what is Growth and Development?

In simple words, Physical growth is an increase in size. Development is growth in function and capability.

Both processes highly depend on genetic, nutritional, and environmental factors.

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Why is a Growth Chart relevant?

A growth chart is a guide that helps you and your paediatrician to track the child’s height and weight over time, thereby allowing us to monitor the physical growth in comparison to other kids of the same age and gender.

Boys and girls have separate growth charts, as boys on average tend to be slightly heavier and taller than girls.

Growth Chart:

It is important to measure & monitor our children’s growth as the first 6 years are considered as critical growth years. A growth chart helps in detecting nutritional and other health issues that might be overlooked if our children don’t fall sick.

So, keeping a track of my son’s growth in the growth chart made me feel self-assured that my child was on-track. As Ayaansh grew, I again began to wonder if he was getting adequate nutrition. Or if I needed to give him supplements to boost his growth and metabolism.

My paediatrician had then recommended PediaSure with 37 nutrients which was scientifically proven to show visible growth in 90 days. PediaSure also ensured bone growth and reduced the chances of infection in children. The effects of this trusted health supplement were clearly visible, as my son became more active physically and mentally. His immunity improved, his concentration increased and he was healthier than before. Finally, as a mother, I could heave a sigh of relief, as a glass of milk with PediaSure ensured my child has met his daily nutritional requirements.

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Last year, when I came across the Grow Right Charter formulated by health experts by PediaSure, I was intrigued to take a look at it. It offered a plethora of information and tips to mothers in nurturing and nourishing our children physically, mentally and emotionally.

Recently when I came to know that one in three children don’t grow as per their age, I looked up the #GrowRight Charter to ensure that my child’s health is on track. Hence, last December, when I gave birth to my second baby – Hridaan, I made a promise to mark and track his growth from the very beginning.

Growth Tracker by Abbott’s PediaSure
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The Grow Right Tracker by Abbott’s PediaSure is indeed the #FirstStepToGrowRight as it’s an effective and easy-to-use tool to understand the growth pattern of children until 6 years of age. Backed by science and with simple inputs like gender, age, weight and height, this GrowRight tracker provides us a relative progress of our children vis-à-vis an average child and allows us to make necessary changes to the diet and lifestyle of our children. The added benefit is that we can download and carry the report to our pediatrician to discuss the growth trends of our child.

For Ayaansh, I have taken up the challenge of 90-day journey with PediaSure. So, if you are wondering how to ensure growth pattern is on mark in kids in India, I urge you all to monitor your child’s growth by using PediaSure’s GrowRight tracker and take the necessary steps to ensure a healthy well-being of your child.

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