Shadow in the Mirror by Deepti Menon: Book Review

It was strange how old memories suddenly flash-bulbed in the mind, flickered for one brilliant moment, and were just as soon lost in oblivion.

Para 4, page 19, Shadow in the mirror by deepti menon

Does the above line resonate with a distant memory that just came flashing in your mind only to be forgotten in an instant? If yes, then I am sure, you are going to love this book: Shadow In The Mirror by author Deepti Menon. You ask me why? Because, the author has beautifully weaved a story, bringing in the poetic effect for this psychological thriller genre.

Yes, you heard me right! It’s a psychological thriller! One of my favorite genres too!

Shadow In The Mirror: A Thrilling Quest for Redemption is a book that will keep you hooked right from the beginning and leave you astounded in the ended, making you wonder about the complex nature of human beings.


The story begins with Nita, a pregnant women who falls off from her balcony on 12th floor. Nita is dead now and her death has cast a shadow over her heartbroken father and devastated husband. Terming as a suicide, life tries to takeover the father and husband’s life, when Vinny, the journalist receives a note saying, “Nita Did Not Commit Suicide! She Was Murdered!”

Vinny who finds herself drawn to the whiff of foul play and murder, starts investigating from where it all began – Nita’s father’s house. The story begins to spin, revealing more stories within of broken and mended souls, some splintered relationships and lives intertwined by fate and destiny. As the book progresses, we unravel the past and present of the characters from 1950 to 1990s, that takes us through a kaleidoscope of myriad emotions, ever-green memories and pulsating hearts. The stories of characters like Krish, Roma, Kavita, Madhav and Sonia seamlessly blend into unison and form an unrelenting knot, each leading us to the truth behind Nita’s death. Slowly and steadily, the book picks up a pace and takes the readers through a whirlwind of emotions, startling realities and delusions.


As an avid reader who loves psychological thriller, I found the plot of this book very interesting. Deepti’s writing style is unique and flawless that keeps the readers hooked to this book. The dialogues are crisp and captures the emotions like fear, malice, anger, guilt and curiosity effortlessly. The author has planned her plot really well and the conflicts of the characters are portrayed in brilliant manner. The one-page poems that bind the story are placed at the correct places, adding to the well paced and effective narration.

The author has not only introduced a mรฉlange of personalities, but also has narrated their story with utmost details and authenticity. The cover page is spooky and mysterious. The red bindi and piercing eyes too find a page in the book, revealing how certain personalities can scar your life forever.

Deepti’s characters are all strong-willed, yet their vulnerability is what makes this fictional piece seem like a reality. The women characters of this book are all confident, yet the underlying need to seek approval from their spouses or society around is subtly portrayed. The author also brings out various issues like mental disorders, self-esteem and child-psychology through her writing and leaves it at her reader’s disposal.

However, there are too many characters flitting in and out which makes the narration longer. Personally, I feel few characters like Meghna and Roma could be avoided as their story doesn’t lead us to the mystery of Nita’s death nor make an impact. I also felt as if there were some inconsistencies in the timeline and too much of a drag in the narrative at some places, which makes the narrative less engaging at times.

However, if you have watched and liked the movie – Orphan, you shall definitely like this book. The Shadows in the Mirror are definitely here to stay and haunt you. Now, if you ask me, if I recommend it – my answer would be a DEFINITE YES!

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Book Name: Shadow in the Mirror

Author: Deepti Menon

Genre: Fiction – Psychological Thriller

Category: Indian Writing, Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Readomania- an initiative that nurtures emerging stars of the literary world

Year of publishing: 2016

Cover Design: Geetali Baruah

Readability: Easy

Overall book verdict: 4.7/5

Please note that the opinions expressed in this post are my personal views after reading the book. I received this book as a part of the BOOK REVIEW PROGRAM from Blogchatter.

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