The Colors of Love in my Life!

The bright yellow sun peeped through my windows, his rays glazing at my sleepy eyes and pulling my eyelids up, asking to wave him a hi! I reluctantly wake up, watching him through my black eyelashes as he seeps deep into my eyes. The tempting aroma of the coffee wafts towards me and instantly I realize that my husband is awake. “It’s a Sunday morning, why can’t he just sleep?”, I murmur within, only to realize that it’s already 9.00 am and past our breakfast time.

I head to the washroom looking for my new charcoal black toothbrush and the blue colored shiny toothpaste. I have never liked gel based toothpaste, but a lover of the age old Babool or Meswak, but folks at home vote me out of my preference and here I was with the blue gel paste.

As I finish the morning activity and head out to my living room, I see my husband eagerly waiting with a wide smile. My eyes immediately catch the brown coffee that left a moustache above his lip and smile back at him. He gets up and gestures me towards our balcony. To my surprise, I see a white-red chequered mat and a picnic basket being laid down. He startles me by saying, ‘Happy Valentine’s my Love!’ and swirls me around. Instinctively I reach for his lips, licking the brown coffee moustache with my tongue making an eye contact with him. He embraces me in his arms and we stay still in a moment of pure ecstacy.

Tadaaa! Here we are 7 years into our marriage, keeping our romance alive and allowing the red cupid to still spread it’s magic in our lives. He hands me a bunch of freshly picked red roses, gives me a peck on my cheek turning them into a hue of pink instantly. I blush and cuddle him close and enjoy the moment of serenity and oneness with him. He keeps me close and ushers me into our balcony now.

Amidst all my green babies, my husband has created a love haven for us to enjoy the day of love. I marvel at the simplicity of the decor and his thoughts behind it. I know that he is not the creative one, yet his thoughtfulness surprise me. I also realise that, unlike the previous years, I am yet to buy him gifts and my heart is suddenly filled with guilt and deep disgust. A grey cloud passes over my heart, taking away the magic of red. My husband lifts my chin up and ponders deep into my eyes. My unspoken words enter into his heart and he says, “This year I wanted the things to be different, let me be the giver this time. You have already given me a rosy bundle of joy, so I think it is my reciprocation time.”

I nod silently, the dark black cloud of disgust and guilt still hovering around me, when he speaks again, asking me to click a picture of his beautiful DIY at our balcony and proudly showcase him in social media, and also volunteers to shoot an Instagram Reel. I immediately chuckle at his request and the veil of disappointment falls down and brings a smile on my face.

We put the Carvaan on, listening to the evergreen melodies. I see my pink roses, violet dahlias dance to the music. Suddenly, everything seems so romantic and I feel the blue butterflies fluttering in my tummy again. My husband picks up the flask and pours me the piping hot brown filter coffee into a mug. As I sit on his lap and take the first sip, I realize that this is the perfect cup of coffee he is ever made, with a balance in sweetness and bitterness of the coffee bean, the color perfect. The coffee strikes the right chord in my heart and I kiss him on his lips, my heart filled with abundant love.

Overcome by passion, we sit hugging and feeling each other till the black koel bird comes to greets us with her melodious voice, while Lata Mangeshkar renders an evergreen romantic melody. I coyly smile at him, sip my coffee again and we talk about our favorite times of the past seven years.

The blue-coral sea in Alleppey, the brown boathouse rowing through the green marshes, the multi-colored interior of the boat, the blue kingfisher giving us company throughout, the tall brown coconut trees, the twisted and thin white idiyappams we loved. The first travel memories flash by our eyes.

Then we head to the colorful Thailand, where aqua-green water welcomed us, the tall Black Pattaya Towers giving us adrenaline rush as we ziplined from the 50 plus floors, the grey dolphins, the brown chimps, the multi-colored macau, the Golden Buddha, all bringing in a sense of peace and tranquility in our hearts.

We travel to the memories of the white snow-clad mountains in Kufri, remembering our honeymoon times, where we held each other’s hands all time and snuggled close to each other. The white snow playing cupid here as we held our breaths together found each other intertwined through the trip. So many memories, unearthed the fiery red passions again.

Now, we both take a deep breath, huddle close to each other reminiscing our Kufri moments. My husband opens up the casserole and awes me with his culinary skills. The perfect brown sandwiches filled with the thin slices of red tomatoes, pink onions, green lettuce, cut in perfect heart shape further elevates my mood. I beam with pride looking at him and my heart fills with love again. He whispers, “Love You” into my ears and our black-brown eyes meet and we fall deep inside each other again.

I marvel at the thought of love, it is a cup that holds the continuous flow, even as it is brimming up to the top. Love is so accomodating and fulfilling. The power of love is beyond one’s understanding. We take a bite of the sandwich and my son, in his sky blue pajamas’ that has these tiny-fluffy white bunnies, comes running to us, excitedly wishing us, “Good Morning Amma-Appa, Happy Valentine’s Day!” We look at each other and marvel at our creation.We happily wish him back and he removes his hand from his back and gives us a white greeting card thats has tiny human figurines, flowers, trees, and an orange sun splashed with every hues and colors. He proudly points out that the biggest human figurine is his Appa, the one with long hairs is Amma and two small people holding bat and ball is him and his younger brother.

This time me and my husband, we both marvel at the masterpiece my 5-year old has created. The previous magical moment is undoubtedly lost yet a much better version of cupid has been recreated. Whoever defined love in the shades of red was definitely wrong as love is created with every hue and color, and even created in various combinations. Undoubtedly, the love in my life are in various shades and with each passing day, each moment, a new hue, a new shade, gets added bringing me abundant joy.

As my husband gets up and brings our rosy pink baby and we both cuddle our sons close and just let the moment of pure love sink in.

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  1. wow..this post is filled with love. You narrated it so well describing every scene and created a live picture in front of your readers.

  2. I was smiling throughout! How beautifully you wrote this in simple words. I am truly amazed. Big thing is we wanted a picture and a reel, my husband shuts me down even on the thought of it;)

  3. You are so right in saying that love comes in all hues. Loved your take on the theme. It’s all about what u feel for each other. That feeling of oneness makes everything inconsequential and that love is so pure.

  4. So beautifully expressed. Love is a combination of colours, beautiful moments we live each day. Loved your writeup.

  5. such a cute rosy beautiful story. It is tough to recreate romance in marriage after 7 years but hey if the couple wishes, then everything is possible.

    Romance is about small things in life afterall

  6. Reading your post I started thinking of what colours would go into mine. It was simply magical

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