Book Review of Jasmine Builds On Shifting Sands by Sanjay Desai

To See with the Inner Eye, is to Believe.
To Believe with unwavering Faith, is to Manifest

Page No. 65, Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands by Sanjay Desai

Did you read the above lines? If yes, what do you think about this quote? If no, please read it and try to answer the questions below. Grab a pen and paper if you need.

How do you think Belief and Faith are connected?

What does it mean to manifest?

Do we, mortal beings have a power within us to manifest our own worlds?

And now if you are wondering what made me ask you these questions, when the title clearly says ‘BOOK REVIEW’, let me tell you all about it.

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Blurb of the Book:

A captivating narrative that ties two seemingly distinct tales in an intertwined journey on a quest to explore manifestation. At the centre of the book is Jasmine’s dream of making it as a successful model in the cut-throat world of fashion. This tale of victories and failures is enveloped within the master narrative of Sanjay, an erudite knowledge-seeker meeting his spiritual guru – Ma Krishnanandgiri. Set in the esoteric location of the Himalayas, the master story transports the readers to a higher plane. Together the two parallels create a reality that is all your own.

My Review:

Firstly, I am thankful to Blogadda for introducing this wonderful book by asking us to read and review it. Secondly, I am pleased with myself to have completed reading my first self-help book (well, I have tried reading the self-help genres and have failed to go beyond 5 pages) that fills the readers with positivity and invokes us to ponder within. I must also congratulate the author – Sanjay Desai for blending a fictional story with that of a self-help genre and making it an enjoyable read.

The book starts with a beautiful narration of the trip to Kedarnath by the author as he seeks answers to his quest on Manifestation from Ma Krishnanandgiri – his spiritual guru. The conversation between the wise Guru-Ma and the author is very insightful and pleasure to read. As Ma Krishnanangiri explains various concepts like learning from experiences, focus and will, the book takes us through the fictional story of Jasmine, our protagonist. As the story progresses, we travel from the esoteric location of Himalayas and River Mandakini to the busy bustling life in Mumbai and backwaters of Kerala and back. And in this journey we learn various life lessons and the power of our thoughts and deeds. We immediately see a parallel connection between the two narratives and how it intertwines with our daily life compelling us to immerse with the flow of the book.

Jasmine is a confident, modern-day girl who is also a college topper living with her parents in Mumbai. She enjoys her life with her close circle and has basic aspirations and ambitions like any other person. Her future takes an U-turn when she wins her college fashion show and is immediately approached by Ms. Sheena Jaiswal, a top modelling agent. Grabbing this new opportunity Jasmine ventures into the world of glamour and glitter and is crowned as Miss Mumbai. From this point, Jasmine is taken into a roller coaster ride as she tries to multi-task her beauty pageant and academics. Will she win Miss India, is for you readers to find out. Eventually, life offers her various opportunities in the form of modelling assignments, brand endorsement, etc. Here she goes through new experiences, challenges and competition. We get to feel the depth of different emotions Jasmine encounters as she embarks this journey which makes her story relatable to the common man’s life.

She also meets with new personalities who add value to her life like Prasad, Bala, Saroja, etc. This book teaches us how to be humble, yet confident; how to be disciplined, yet enjoy the life; how to stay focused, yet go with the flow and much more life lessons.

The second half of the book which is more about how to manifest your dreams into reality. Here we see the ace photographer – Bala nurturing Jasmine with the spiritual power to manifest her dreams. We see the connection between dreams, clarity of thoughts, conviction, will power, focus, faith, inspiration and how it transpires into manifestation. There is also a beautiful parallel drawn by Bala, where he compares the relationship between the tigress’s hunt with that of the entire forest to the situations we humans go through in our daily life. Eventually, as Jasmine progresses in her path of Manifestation, the tides change in her life gradually calming her and helping her reach her ultimate goal.

The epilogue at the end is again the endearing conversation between the author and Ma Krishnanangiri where she explains the necessity to be super focused and work toward the goal and yet be prepared to face the worst and get back on to the track of our manifestation.

Why did I Like The Book?

The prologue and epilogue offer some beautiful insights towards living one’s life. I enjoyed reading these conversations.

Although the book is heavy on content, the way of weaving such life-changing concepts into a fictional tale is very unique and interesting.

The language used by the author is lucid, although the grammatical error hinders the joy of reading.

The unique QR Code embedded with e-micro learning multimedia is definitely an add-on the knowledge we gain through this book. They not only aid us in understanding how manifestation works, but also enrich our reading experience.

I love the characters of this book, who in their unique way teach us various life concepts. For example, Ms. Jaiswal’s belief in Jasmine, her patient yet fierce approach is something one can surely take it away from this book.

Through this book the author has also conveyed the importance of mentors in our life, on choosing the right set of people in our life, on accepting opportunities, on letting the past go and focus on the future.

Quotes from the book:

The experience of the world is a personal experience, however much we try to generalize it. So, only when you figure out the personal truth yourself, does it become an experience. Until then, it always remains just a theory, wherever it has been learnt or adopted from.

Said Ma Krishnanandgiri to Author Sanjay Desai, Page xviii, Prologue

It appeared that all other doors were closing to show her the only door that was not only open but also welcoming her.

Narration, Page 23

Most of the time, things are truly understood only after one experiences things.

Said Bala to Jasmine, Page 49, Chapter 10

Visualize how a warrior of martial arts stays in a state of razor-sharp focused awareness, in preparation for the battle. Her prepares for it, and sustains that focused and positive state throughout the fight. He takes hits, dodges, aligns himself, makes his moves and strikes at the opponent; all along maintaining that state of supercharges focus and positivity.
That’s exactly how we have to stay – over the entire time needed to manifest.

Said Bala to Jasmine, Page 78, Chapter 13.

Book – Jasmine Builds on the Shifting Sands
Author – Sanjay Desai
Pages – 134 pages
Format – paperback
Publisher – Conscious Leap publications.
Rating – 4.5/5

So, do I recommend this book?

So what are you waiting for guys? Go ahead, buy yourself a copy of the book and unleash your potential to manifest your life.

Good Luck and Have a Great Year Ahead!

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