The Birthday Gift!

Reading has been integral part of my life since childhood. Right from the school books that we got in the beginning of the year to any book/magazine under the sun, I read through everything. As a child, it was reading books that gave me joy rather than sitting and watching cartoons. I used to draw, paint, sing and play a lot of outdoor-indoor games, but the joy of reading a book was totally unmatched.

Reading books transported me to an imaginative world, where every endings were perfect, each character so different, each world different from each other sharing its own morals and learnings. Reading gave me that wing to fly to a distant land and showered me with the abundant knowledge that each book contained. With a reader, an amateur writer was also born in me.

I love writing short stories, poems or tiny tales that are secretly penned in my diary. Below is the poem that talks about ‘The Birthday Gift’ that opened me to a whole new world. The words in the poem may not be perfect, but I hope the emotions through these words reach straight to your hearts. So here it goes…..

The day had just dawned and the breeze flew just right,
I woke up to hear the world wish me ‘Happy Birthday!’
With the gift boxes in sight, the decorations upright,
I knew that my day would be special,
With Amma’s payasam, cake and lavish lunch by side,
It was a four year old’s perfect delight!

The clock ticked and the sky changed colors,
Family and friends arrived with their spirits high.
As the gifts piled on,
It made me fly to cloud nine,
The cake was cut and delicacies shared,
With some music and dance,
Everyone fared.

As the moon lit sky brought a blanket of stars,
People bade their good-byes and made their paths!
I waited eagerly to open my presents,
For I needed to count the number of dolls.
Maybe, I got a pretty dress too,
Or some colors to draw the pictures in the zoo.

Little did I know that my life would be changed
For there stood a box wrapped in blue and red.
The unwrapping began and the joy in my heart multiplied,
The blue-red box made its way to me,
As I opened, the thick maroon bind showed itself,
The feel was good as I held it in my hands,
The fragrance as fresh as the tree bark,
Wafted in the air mesmerizing me.
As I flipped the pages the world turned new;
Taking me to the lands that I never knew!
As I sat on my bed reading the book
I passed every universe
Where lived fancy dragons,
The pretzels so sweet,
And chocolate rivers that made my heart skip a beat
Now, nothing seemed to bother much,
For a reader in me was born,
Ready to devour every book,
That ever came to me out of every nook!

The EnD!

Hope you all enjoyed reading this poem and I would be glad if you can show your appreciation/criticism by commenting in the box below. Also, feel free to share it in your social media by tagging me @themummastartup across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Thank You!

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25 thoughts

  1. Books are like that. Once we develop an interest in them start loving them and they give us so much of joy without expecting anything from us.

  2. A nice poem. As it is said it is the thought that counts. The thought of writing a poem and expressing ones inner feeling is important. Who can judge if a poem is good or bad. As long as the writer gets his / her satisfaction, I think the purpose gets solved.

  3. Such a sweet tapped right emotions for sure. Gifts are something which makes my heart filled with joy even now and books are always by first love which I love to receive just like you.

  4. Books transport you to another world. A world where you blend in with the story the characters and the place, I love reading and every time I read I become a part of the book. The characters feel like they have come alive.

  5. Wow loved the poem dear had written it so beautifully. yes like you, I also love reading a lot. it gives a different perspective for everything and of course, increase our knowledge and creative skills.

  6. Beautifully weaved the words. Books are the best pals of life and the best investment. A book on a gift means a lot that you are giving a treasure of knowledge.

  7. These are so beautiful words. Exactly what more can book lovers ask for? Books not only transport us to our dreamlands but provide calmness and wide treasure of knowledge. Nicely woven.

  8. What a simple but deep poem. How we get the love of reading and that is the perfect gift.I started reading at the age of 4. So thankful to my sister for that

  9. This is so similar to my story with books. I too started reading at a very young age and the love for books is unmatched. Wishing you many more birthdays and that the time between each birthday is filled with a lot of books and reading!

  10. Such a sweet tapped right emotions for sure. Gifts are something which makes my heart filled with joy even now and books are always by first love which I love to receive just like you.
    I’m also lover of books

  11. That’s a beautiful poem Amritha. Loved reading every line. Books can take you to the another world for sure. Your writing clearly shows that you love reading.

  12. Such a lovely poem. Books are like that. I too have been reading for as long as I can remember. More to do with the fact that I belong to a family of bibliophiles, always surrounded by books.

  13. lovely poem Amrita. For a 4 year old the birthday is so special and gifts are the most important thing. you have painted the picture pretty well and how the reader is born with that one gift is nicely crafted. good going

  14. You have well weaved your love for books through this poem Amritha. Books are the best friend in the whole world, they always enlighten your path with knowledge, thats helps you throughout the life.

  15. Wow! such a sweet and real poem! Birthdays are like this, My birthdays were like this ( nowadays too sometimes) and my son’s too! The cake, the lunch, the world wishing me, the piling of presents, and yes the core of the poem, the book. Encouraging the youth, the children to read is the best gift we can give them.

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