Soup – a perfect bowl of happiness

Cold winters and hot soups have always been one of the best combinations one can ever come across.

The word soup comes from French word “Soupe” (soup, broth) which further comes from Latin word’ Suppa” (bread soaked in broth). The origin of soup dates back to about 6000 BC. First commercial soup was consumed in France in the 16th century.

Soups are a replenishing, aromatized and a complete meal. Soups play an important role in the menu and are often served as appetizer to stimulate the hunger for the rest of the course. There is no hard fast rule that every preparation has to be in a same way each time, what matters the most are the techniques, ingredients and of course the taste.

Soups can be divided into three basic categories namely Thick Soups, Thin Soups and Cold Soups.

In this post, I shall be sharing our family’s favorite winter soups and the recipes I have been following. These recipes are tasty, highly nutritious, easy to prepare and can also be consumed by children who have started solids, pregnant and new moms, elderly people and so on.

So, here's presenting 'Soup - A Perfect Bowl Of Happiness' directly from Amy's Kitchen!

Garlic – Mushroom Soup

This is a perfect winter soup bursting with earthy flavors of garlic and mushrooms. The creamy texture of the mushrooms along with the aroma of garlic makes this soup our top favorite. To prepare this soup, ensure you have the following ingredients:

Mushrooms : 200 gms thoroughly washed and chopped into chunks
Garlic cloves(big) : 7-8 finely sliced
Leek : 1 finely chopped
Potato(small) : 1 washed and chopped
Salt, Pepper : as per taste
Thyme Leaves : 1 sprig finely chopped or 2 tsp dried thyme powder
Cream : 1/4 -1/2 cup (optional)
Vegetable Stock or water : 3 cups
Olive Oil : as per need

After preparing the above ingredients, take a pan and add olive oil to saute the garlic and thyme. Once the garlic releases its aroma, add the chopped leeks and potatoes. Add some salt and mix well. Once the potatoes are cooked add the chopped mushrooms and saute it in medium flame. Add the pepper powder now. Wait till the water from the mushroom is completely absorbed. Switch off and blend once cooled.

Now in a deep pan, add the puree and vegetable stock. Give it a mix and wait for the right consistency as desired. Add some cream while serving along with some herbs of your choice.

Serve Hot and Enjoy Your Bowl of Happiness!

You can use any mushrooms of your choice.
If you don’t have vegetable stock, you can add water too.
If you like it spicy, you can also add paprika powder to the soup or can increase the level of pepper powder.
Adding cheese enhances the taste but fills the tummy way too quickly!

Cream of Carrot and Bottle gourd

This is another soup that is high in nutrients and can be served to pregnant ladies, lactating moms and children alike. This soup is exotic and sumptuous and serves as an excellent appetizer or can be had as a wholesome meal when clubbed with sourdough or garlic breads. To make this recipe keep all the ingredients ready which are mentioned below:

Carrots : 2 washed & diced
Bottle Gourd : 1 small peeled & diced
Garlic Cloves : 4-5 sliced
Ginger – 1/2 inch finely chopped
Onion : 1 small finely chopped
Tomato : 1 scooped and sliced (optional)
Cloves : 2 nos.
Bay Leaf : 1-2 medium sized
Oregano, Salt, Pepper as per taste
Vegetable Stock/Water : 3 cups
Olive Oil/Ghee/Butter : 1-2 TBSP
Fresh Cream : 1-2 TBSP
Sugar/Jaggery : 1-2 TSP (if preferred)
Fresh Parsley or Coriander for seasoning

In a pressure cooker or kadai, add some butter/ghee/oil.
Once the oil is ready, add cloves, bay leaf, ginger and sliced garlic cloves. Sauté well and add chopped onion. If you plan to add tomato, add it right away. Then add the chopped carrots and bottle gourd pieces. Mix well. Now add the salt, pepper, oregano and sugar.
– If using a pressure cooker add vegetable stock or water and pressure cook it for 2 whistles. Switch off, let the pressure settle, remove the bay leaf and using a hand blender make it a nice puree. Mix well, add the cream and adjust the taste enhancers, spice level, etc.
– If using a kadai, add half the stock or water and let the veggies cook well. Once done, switch off the flame, remove the bay leaf and blend it using a hand blender. Add the remaining stock or water, give it a mix. Before serving, heat the soup again, add the cream and adjust the taste enhancers or spice level.

Garnish it with fresh parsley leaves or coriander leaves and serve hot!
The lip-smacking and healthy soup is ready!

Beetroot – Yogurt Soup(Cold)

This colorful soup is served chilled and is delicious, refreshing and super quick and easy to make. 
Although, this soup is an appetizer for summers, we prefer to have it as per the hot weather in Mumbai. This East European Cuisine is excellent to be served to young and adults alike. This soup is to be prepared atleast 4 hours in advance to your serving time. To make this yummy soup, gather up the below ingredients:

Beetroot : 4 small/medium sized cooked and peeled
Cucumber : 1/2 peeled & grated
Avocado : 1 small
Garlic Cloves : 2-3 sliced finely
Dill Leaves : 1 small cup finely chopped
Lemon Juice from 1 large lemon
Curd / Yogurt : 2 cups (can adjust as per preference)
Salt and pepper as per taste.

Steam cook the beetroot and remove the peel. Refrigerate for minimum 4 hours. Meanwhile, grate the cucumber and scoop the avocado out.
Now in a blender, add the beetroots, grated cucumber, garlic cloves, 3/4th of dill leaves, lemon juice, salt, pepper and yogurt. Blend well. Add vegetable stock or water if needed.

Garnish with remaining dill leaves before serving. The best accompaniment is boiled eggs.

Sit back with your cold bowl of soup and switch your chill mode on!

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