Top 10 Diwali Gifting Ideas for Kids

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As Navaratri bids us farewell this year, we move forward to the preparation of the festival of lights – Diwali.

As a nation, we all love Diwali as it is not only about reminiscing about the return of Lord Rama after 14 years of exile, but also a celebration that brings all the family members together. We adorn ourselves with new colorful attire, prepare some amazing delicacies and savories, light diyas and lanterns all around the house and draw some beautiful and vibrant colorful Rangolis on our door front.

Diwali has always been a festival of exchanging gifts and sweets to our near and dear ones and the tremendous joy it brings to everyone giving and receiving it.

This year, however, due to Covid-19, Diwali will also be celebrated in our respective houses and not with the entire clan travelling and coming under one single roof. While the joy of togetherness will be lost, thanks to technology we can ZOOM chat or Google Meet with our families and friends to bring in some cheer. But the most affected segments of this divided celebrations will the elderly and kids who really look forward to such family gatherings.

To overcome this sad and lost feeling, I have curated below the top 10 diwali gifting options for kids that can bring back the excitement and festive joy to their hearts and minds.
Top 10 Diwali Gifting Options for Kids!

1. Diwali Hampers:

Who doesn’t love hamper right? And if it is customized according to the receiver’s preference, just imagine the delight! So curating a hamper made of the sweets that kids love, some stationery items, funko-pops or character figurines, a personalized diary or scrapbook, some accessories from Disney or Marvel, etc. a box of flavored chocolates or dry fruits is a perfect way to please kids. You can also choose some healthy snacking options from SlurrpFarm, TheMumum Co, Timios or Open Secret. We can choose the products according to the likes of kids and well-within our budget too which makes it my first choice among the gifting ideas for kids.

2. Rocketoi by Toiing:

We personally loved RockeToi from Toiing as it was a perfect gift to celebrate Diwali. The Rocketoi is a completely pollution-free gift, with colour-changing LED rockets zooming up to a height of 80 feet, that has a flexible launch pipes allowing us to change the launch direction. This toy is a complete fun package for the family and you can’t simply miss the joy that kids radiate while playing with these re-usable rockets in countless different ways!

3. Activity Kits

Today owing to lockdown, we have multiple brands catering to activity kits that comes with atleast 4-5 activities as per the age of the children. However, my personal favorites are FirstCry Intellikit, ClassMonitor and PlayShifu that caters to the age group of 1.5 year to 6 year olds. While Firstcry Intellikit is an age-appropriate, subscription based monthly boxes containing around 7-8 activities that caters to overall skills development, ClassMonitor is a one time box for each age group and has year-long activities for children. ClassMonitor is an apt gift, if the child is homeschooled. PlayShifu however has 14 products that follow the STEM and STEAM based approach of learning. And if the child follows Montessori method of learning, you must definitely check out KIDO for the varied Montessori tools and toys.

4. Seeds and Saplings

If you have read my previous blogs or seen my Instagram stories and posts, you must know that I am an ardent plant lover. Since I love the greens, I also believe that the love for them begins at an early age and have involved my son since the age of 1.5 year old. It can be planting some seeds, or helping me with watering them or getting the right tool to prune/care for them or just talking about them. Today, the world needs more greens than ever as we, CITY-zens are building up concrete jungle. Gifting children seeds or saplings can create a sense of responsibility, develops caring attitude and more importantly paves way towards creating better and aware individuals. There are so many plant kits available online in,, amongst others. There are many children’s brands who also have plant growing kits. These kits enable children also to understand the entire plant lifecycle and makes them empathetic towards the greens.

5. Piggy Bank

Gifting a piggy bank along with some activity boxes that teach about the concept of money, both, saving and spending is one of the best gifts for children. You can give it to them on Dhanteras, thus teaching them the importance of worshipping the wealth God/Goddess and saving money for the future.

6. Super Hero Toys or Doll Sets

Every child wants to fly like superman, or be an IronMan. And if it is a girl (like me when I was a little one) loves to play with dolls and doll sets. So why not gift it and make the children smile and jump with joy!

7. DIY Kits

We all know that most of the kids love to draw and paint, get colors on their hands, have that sparkles glued in their fingers, etc. So gifting them the creative stuff that comes as interesting DIY kits is always an apt choice. It can range from making and painting their own diyas or lanterns or mosaic frames or anything. There are plenty of brands that cater to these creative sets.

8. Bicycle/Skates/Rollers

My son was elated when we gifted him a bicycle for last Diwali and was overwhelmed with happiness for the next 3-4 weeks. The same thing happened when he was gifted a skateboard by his aunt. The tiny legs were wheeling in and out of the house. Riding bicycle or skates improves the overall balance and builds agility in kids, also making them cherish the time spent on wheels.

9. Kids Room Décor Products

Brands like Ikea, Pepperfry, CuddlyCoo and others cater to children’s room décor. It can be a theme based wall clock, wall stickers, a book shelf or a customized bunting. You can definitely curate these things as per their likings, room size and requirements while keeping in mind your budget too!

10. Books

Well if you ask me, no other gifts can compensate the joy of receiving good books. If the child is an avid reader, curate a bundle of books along with some merchandise and voila, you have made the kid happy for a lifetime. You can also gift them membership to the nearest library or bookstores like Crossword or Bargain Bookhut, in case you are confused with their preferences of book genres.

Other than these 10 options, there are also many options you can choose from:

  • Musical Instruments: If the kids are musically inclined, gifting a good musical instrument is worth the money.
  • Clothes and Accessories: Who doesn’t like quality new clothes with matching accessories? If you are aware of the kid’s favorite colors and their respective sizes of the outfits, gifting clothes from Hopscotch, Firstcry, United Colors of Benetton, etc. are definitely recommended.
  • Gifting an experience: Ever since the lockdown children have been denied the pleasures of outdoors. So buying them an experience vouchers for visiting places like Amusement Park, Kidzania or nearby playareas with a long term validity would be another good option.
  • Gift Vouchers (Hamleys/ToysRUs): For children who like to have the touch-feel experience while buying toys, a gift voucher from Hamleys or ToysRUs would be a great option too!

Well, these are some of the top Diwali gifting recommendations for kids. The above mentioned lists are curated after observing what brings joy to my child, our neighboring kids and Ayaansh’s friends. If you have other suggestions or would like to share what your children likes, do let me know in the comments. I am sure, along with me others would also benefit from it.

Till then, stay happy and stay safe. Have a joyous festive season ahead!

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  1. Wonderful ideas. Well researched post. Piggybank is a good gift as it will create a habit of saving money. Even the DIY and Activity kits are a hit in current times. An amazing way to keep kids occupied with some creative work rather than electronic devices.

  2. Wow loved the list dear and you had covered all from trending options to traditional one like books. This year I would love to go with room decor and diy kit option as my girls loved these so much. Thanks a lot for sharing these wonderful options.

  3. This is an awesome list compiled Amritha… my kids r fond of art n craft so that’s one thing I always look out for when gifting…. n the cars n dolls never fail me…

  4. Looks like you researched very well. Some of the gifts will bring smile to my kid’s face and this make the festive celebration quite special for them. Thanks for sharing this amazing list of gifting ideas for kids.

  5. These are amazing Diwali gifting ideas for kids. All ideas are brilliant but my personal favourite was subscription based monthly boxes containing around 7-8 activities that caters to overall skills development, since my kids are proactive and need to engaged all the time.

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