Three Impossible Wishes : A book review

A dialogue from the book – Three Impossible Wishes by Anmol Malik.

Isn’t this statement true book lovers? I am sure each of us would definitely agree with it. Books are just our best friends, a companion with no judgement, yet the who teaches us all about living life. Books teach us to be the better of ourselves and the characters often help us deal with various situations in our life.

So coming back to this book, Three Impossible Wishes by a debut author Anmol Malik, this book is a fresh take on the campus-romance of a young and self-conscious girl Arya Mahatani. 

Arya is a dreamer and her aspirations are often termed as mediocrity by many people around. After landing in University of Westley for a course chosen by her father, will Arya  complete her degree? Will she be happy pursuing it? Will she ever accept England while her heart craves to be in Mumbai? Will she find love and stability in England? Will the country accept her? And so on…The plot is intriguing, humorous and the moment you start reading the book, you will fall in love with the characters. The ease in conversation between Arya & Sahil is also heart-warming. Arya and Sahil share a friendship that goes beyond words, each understanding and complementing without even having to converse. But will it take a U-turn, when Arya decides to take it to another level is all for the readers to find out.

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Arya’s self doubt and lethargy puts her in a spot when she has to pass an exam for which she is least interested and prepared. Here comes our Russian hero, Vladimir Petrov, a studious – mysterious young boy (Man) who seems to be the only person Arya can seek help from. But will Vladimir help Arya out? And what is the past that forbids him? And is there any future for him and Arya? Will Arya get her degree? Will she ever become serious in her life and be one with the world? And so many more questions will only be answered if you read this book.

I must say that after a very long time, a campus – romance book made me very hooked to it, that I had to finish it in one sitting. Sometimes, we fall in love with the characters and just don’t want the book to end. Well this was one such book. It made me laugh at some parts (the punch-lines are too funny), it also made me cry at some places and thanks to Arya, it also made me crave that cup of coffee, purple and some yummy food. Well our lead character is a foodie you see! She can eat while she has nothing to do or when she is hungry. She can read about food when she is not hungry.

Overall, without revealing much about the plot, I shall leave you all with the above questions. You know you just need to pick up the book and give it a read to find the answers. So get going!

The review cannot end without appreciating the author, her fresh perspective of eyeing things and turning it into a novel is simply superb for all the new and experienced readers. The narration had a grace to it, puns and punctuations which clearly depicts the emotions of all the characters.
For me, reading this book was not less than watching a super-hit Bollywood movie. For her first book, I must congratulate the author to have accomplished such a huge impact on the minds of her readers.

About the Author:

Anmol Malik – singer, songwriter and author

Anmol Malik aka Audrey Piano is a singer, songwriter and now the author of this super hit book ‘Three Impossible Wishes’. Having studied Creative Writing from the University Of Warwick, England, Anmol has worked with Leo Burnett and UTV-Disney. Her latest stint has been in the Script Department at Yash Raj Films. Now she lives in a snowy mansion with her favorite pens and a fully stocked tea and biscuit pantry.

You can follow her on Instagram at @auderypiano and @anmolik5

Some interesting dialogues from the book:

  1. “If I want to ace this exam, I need to open the textbook. To do so, I first need to buy the textbook.”
  2. “Everyone in the store turns to see which grand idiot has walked into the very obvious glass doors. It’s me; it’s me, of course. Just announcing my entry as usual. I quickly scurry in and bury myself in one of the aisles.”
  3. “Rows and rows of shining books greet me. My top four smells are of freshly baked bread, brewing coffee, warm chocolate and, above all, books.”
  4. “From Chekhov to Rowling. They are who raised me. Literature, good, bad and ugly. They shaped me. I read and read until these books opened doors to new worlds. Taught me things no adult I knew could ever teach me.”
  5. “Normal peer pressure  gets into alcoholism Indian peer pressure gets one into job.“
  6. “There’s just something about watching people work with things that look completely alien to you, but they seem to understand intimately. In those precious moments, you can see their passion, and it just somehow makes them more interesting.”
  7. “Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose”.
  8. “If life gives you the opportunity to carve your own path, choose that every time.”
  9. “It’s all small stuff. So are snowflakes, but they can create a storm.”

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  1. Truly, the books we read are what makes us. This sounds like a chirpy read and I loved how you kept the review interesting without revealing the plot that now I am intrigued to buy this book

  2. Wow this review made me feel to read it once. Glad you shared an honest review with us. Great work though. Will consider reading soon.

  3. This book looks pretty interesting and funny as well to drink. Will definitely draught a copy of this book and will read during this knockdown time. I am sure this book can be really helpful for me to rejuvenate my good old college romance days.. hahahhaha.. all the best to the author and Amrita it was a wonderful book review.

  4. It has been a long time since I read a good book, and a campus romance book seems perfect for this time of the year. I hope this book is able to take me back to my college days, full of romance, flings, and mush 🙂

  5. The book looks great for all the book lovers definitely will be sharing out to my sister who loves reading and yes thank you for sharing the review..

  6. Wow this sounds like a good read. I love that quote where peer pressure gets one into alcoholism but Indian peer pressure gets you into a job, I have seen that happen in real life too. Really good.

  7. I have heard so much about this book. Now that I have read your reviews I think I am going to pick it up.

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