Gardening: Every mother’s sidekick!

The Love of Gardening is a seed once sown that never dies!

– Gertrude Jekyll

My interest in gardening started when I was a child, seeing my nani and mom plant and nurture the greens. So when I was pregnant with Ayaansh, my nani had advised me to have these essential plants at home.

So if you are pregnant or have an infant/toddler at home, then these are the herb plants that you must have in your garden. Having a herb garden is another way of bringing nature in your home and helps in solving small health problems.

5 Essential plants for every household
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  1. Tulsi/Basil Leaves – when the little one or the moms-to-be have some cold, cough or sinus issues, tulsi leaves can be added to boiling water and can be consumed for drinking. Moms can also eat it raw everyday. It helps in maintaining one’s immunity.
  2. Turmeric Plant – Refer to my earlier post for turmeric. The moms-to-be can use the turmeric leaves for cooking dumplings. Put the dumpling in the turmeric leaves, tie it and allow it to steam cook. The aromatic and healthy dumpling is all yours to relish.
  3. The Ajwain Plant – This miracle plant can be used for infants when they face colic or gas issues. Pluck the leaves, very slightly saute them in tawa, allow it slightly cool and directly apply it to the navel area(in case of indigestion/colic/gas trouble) or chest, back and forehead in case of cold and cough. You get immense relief. The moms-to-be can use this leaf in making pakoras, believe me it tastes wonderful. You can also make chutneys, they are yummy too.
  4. Betel Leaves – Betel Leaves help in multi-ailments.
    Apply little turmeric on baby’s head, heat the back of the betel leaf, when bearably hot put it on the head., relieves from cold n cough. When there is any breathing issue apply little mustard oil on the betel leaves, warm them and apply over chest when bearably hot, For constipation, dip the stalk of the betel leaf with castor oil and dip it into the baby’s anus. Make sure you have a light hand. It aids in passing stools without difficulty.
  5. Pudina Plant – For babies having colic, add few leaves of pudina to boiling water, strain and cool the water and administer to your babies. It also helps in solving digestion issues. Use very fewer leaves for babies.

As the baby grows from infant stage to toddler to kids, you may add all the above leaves to boiling water, strain, make it lukewarm and give it to your little ones first thing in the morning. Drinking herbal water relieves one is passing stools, building immunity and building a healthy lifestyle.

So lets start, building a healthy lifestyle by planting a seed first.

Happy Gardening!!!

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  1. Great tips Amritha. I’ve heard about the betel leaf and castor oil treatment done for babies. It’s very effective they say and doesn’t hurt the baby. Also the other home remedies are best for babies. Tried some myself.

  2. My mother loves gardening too, bud sadly we live in such closed spaces that we hardly get proper sunlight that these plants require! Also she gets sad when she’s out for vacation then no one takes care of them 😅

  3. Love the tips shared to grow plants which are herbal and good for kids immunity 😊 thanks for sharing the tips so well !

  4. Useful post and very well described about the medicinal properties of plant . I was not aware about the benefits of betel leaves..thanx for sharing

  5. My mother in law is doing gardening. She love plants so much n by seeing that I also want to do gardening. But can’t able to manage that. Your tips are really helpful. We should have these plants.

  6. Wow loved your post. We had planted Tulsi plant few days ago and my husband was saying to plant more but I was getting no idea what should more can be planted. After reading your post, I m sorted. Will plant turmeric and ajwain for sure.

  7. Loved the idea of gardening when one is pregnant. The positive energy these plants are surrounded by, is helpful for the mom and the baby:)

  8. I’ve made a beautiful kitchen garden in my kitchen balcony with all the herbs and tulsi plants. Plants always make me happy and I love to see them bloom and grow

  9. I so wish to have all these plants at home. These really are helpful for the new Mom’s and later on as well. If you have space one must really plant some, the feeling seeing your plant grow and bloom is so satisfying.

  10. These are good plants for choosing to start up a herb garden. These are good for health, and add a good taste too to the food (which i have tried) and the water (like you are recommending – will try this)

  11. Nothing is better than nourishing some living thing. It o good to hear about your new hobby. Would love to see more blogs on the same. Like how they are growing and what all plants seeds you are now involving.

  12. I am gardening lover. Growing your own herb garden at your home or yard is a good project that also makes food taste better and also good for health. Thanks for sharing this amazing article

  13. My mother is huge on gardening, taking care of plants like her own children. And I truly understand where her love comes from. Seeing a flower bloom and vegetables grow is therapeutic in so many ways!

  14. Wow lovely ideas and tips. I am a person who can also kill a cactus, I suck at gardening and I have struggled with having even cacti at home. I hope I can get a plant again and see if it survives. I will try to follow some of these.

  15. Howdy! This article could not be written any better! Looking at this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept talking about this. I most certainly will send this post to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a great read. Thank you for sharing!

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