Vision is My Mission : A book review

We all have resolutions as the new year dawns but by December, we end up having a few or zero resolutions completed. And again, as another year approaches, we draw our resolutions with a strong intent and end up with the same result like the previous years. And this cycle leads most of us to live with a regret, shame and with a depressed self.


Books like ‘VISION IS MY MISSION’ by author ILA SINGH help us to break the chain and make us happy, determined and confident individuals. Vision is mission falls into “SELF HELP GENRE’ and is an ideal book for people who procrastinate and blame others for their failures. Each chapter of this book helps one to fill in the goals, desires and self-introspect the attitude & feelings for the month. A vision is something that one often has in his/her own mind where as a mission is when you set your heart completely in your mission and find ways to achieve it.

Author Ila emphasizes on the habit of journal-writing which she says would help a person to work on achieving his/her mission in order to fulfill a mission. Through this book, author Ila motivates us to work for our vision. I must say that this book is the guiding force for one to act steadily and strategically towards their vision.

The writing is powerful and clubbed with various quotes illustrated beautifully and the colors used definitely lifts up the reader’s mood.

Overall, this book is worth the money and helps one to slowly grow and stay at the top of the game.

Rating: 4.5/5