Let’s Do This Together: A book review





Are the questions too mathematical or complicated? Did you as a child hate maths like I did?

Then let me give this book to you and turn your world around!

Let's Do This Together
Maths Stories To Solve

‘Let’s Do This Together’, by Lubaina Bandukwala and Vineeta Kanoria is a book that makes math fun for kids. The book is divided into 3 categories with interesting stories that are easy-peasy, mostly easy and not so easy.

The stories are filled with problems or situations from our daily life and intertwined with math problems that when narrated to children grabs their attention, piquing their interest level and enhancing their logical and mathematical ability. Children can easily solve them with the help of a parent, teacher or friend.

There are 65 stories along with the creative illustrations that depict nature’s maths. Cut a fruit, section a vegetable and take a peek at nature’s math. For eg. See the five pointed star in the apple’s core. Isn’t it that simple to teach a five a year old? The stories like Pizza Party, The Chicken & The Egg, All Arms & Legs, etc. from easy-peasy section talk about the simple things kids love to do, or maths merging with their imagination or from their daily chores. The Chapters Fruit Salad Surprise makes the kids think about the ingredients needed for a fruit salad and helps them to build analysing skills along with the fun of maths. Each story enables children to develop a love for math starting from the age of 5 years. The book helps them build their self confidence and number proficiency. It helps them to seek the invisible maths and calculations around them, raising them to be highly analytical, bold and efficient problem solvers.

The story telling format adapted by the authors not only makes the book interesting to kids but also engages parents, making them spend a quality time with the kids. The language is simple, the math problems are much more simplified makes kids to fall in love with the book. The relatable stories make it easy-peasy for parents to explain it to the kids.
Overall this book is made out of love for kids and maths. So the authors have done a great job of combining the two together.
Thank you @penguinindia @puffinbooks and@reader_viddh for sending this beautiful book to make me fall in love with maths all over again.
This book is available at all leading bookstores and online sites like @amazondotin @flipkart. It is priced at ₹199/- with 97 pages.

My verdict: 4.5/5

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