Book Review: Shrilok Homeless The Ultimate Adventures Volume 2

What happens when India’s favorite teen detective is back?

You pick him(the book), get a cup of hot coffee, take the coziest seat and ride with him in his journey!

And that is what I exactly did when I laid my hands on the book: Shrilok Homeless The Ultimate Adventures Volume 2!


Shrilok Homeless is a book authored by Pika Nani(Deepika Murthy). Her previous books were well acclaimed and this one is too an enjoyable read.

The chaiwala-turned-detective, our protagonist Shrilok along with his trustworthy friend and sidekick Rohan Doctor (not literally a doctor, just a surname!) travel through the busy streets of Mumbai, Delhi and London. The forests of Bandipur National Park also await Shrilok to come and solve the mystery death of a forest officer.

The book has various adventures of Shrilok using his detective and people skills with the super-power of his Chai all along his journey. The case of ‘The String of Emojis’, ‘The Dancing Girl’, ‘The Sights of Four’ are all very interesting and intriguing. These cases pique the curious minds of the readers. Shrilok’s approach to the cases are very unique and the lucid language of the author makes it understandable to the young readers as well. ‘The Wedding Rituals’ gets us a glimpse of Shrilok’s first case and how it shaped him into being a detective.

Charles Agastya Magarson, The Silver Talisman and The Three Players are yet another interesting cases solved by Shrilok.

‘The Vow’ disheartens the readers when Shrilok turns against his bestie Rohan and shoots him with a pistol. What follows is a turn of events followed into next chapter The Final Showdown, where we can feel the endurance of a quality friendship.

The book is good for young readers to explore the detective genre. The Indian take of Sherlock Holmes is enriching with good geographical locations, both domestic and international. The detailing of certain areas are exceptionally good.

Overall, Shrilok Homeless is a book made for young minds which I am sure, they will find extremely interesting.

I would like to thank @penguinindia, @puffinbooks and @reader_viddh for sending me the copy of this book.

Book Name: Shrilok Homeless: The Ultimate Adventures Volume 2

Author: Pika Nani (Deepika Murthy)

Pages: 141

Rating: 4/5

Other Books by author: The Adventures of Shrilok Homeless(2017), Little Indians: Stories from across the Country(2013)