Smitten by a Kitchen!

That’s right! You read it right! I am smitten by a Kitchen! A range of built-in modular kitchen and the elegance of the kitchen appliances.

It is always said that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach! Agreed! But for a woman to cook, to excel in the culinary skills she would require few things:
*Good quality ingredients + great recipe
*The required vessels and appliances
& the most important thing is
*Clutter-free, spacious, elegant looking kitchen!

And guess where I found the bottom 2 criterias?
Only at the #kitchenstudioz by @vijaysalesofficial, Prabhadevi store!

Brand Hafele Built-In Kitchen

The moment I entered the store, it was magical. It was love at first sight, but with the varied range of products before me. I was enchanted by the look, feel and elegance of the studio. Every appliance made it is presence and spoke for its features and quality, and it was all that made the kitchen complete. The look was simple yet brilliant and right from the coffeemaker to the food processor, from the tandoori stove to the all-in-one microwave oven, from the cook tops to the chimneys, every item was unique and classy.

The studio encompassed of various brands like @hafele_india @faber_appliances @whirlpool_india and Elica which showcased their built in modular kitchen samples. The kitchen structures were brilliant as most of them were modular structures or island kitchen structure and few of them looking very pretty despite being a movable structure. Each designs were unique, each color was different. Right from the complete white kitchen to the copper chimneys, everything looked so perfect. There were so many types of cook tops, hob tops, chimneys, dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators that looked so beautiful and rich. The white built-in refrigerator by #hafeleindia looked more like a royal cupboard from the outside and hardly took any space in the kitchen. But when we opened the fridge, it was just magnificent!

Hafele Modular Kitchen
Hafele Modular Kitchen

We also had a little commercial shoot with the gorgeous and humble @kishwersmerchantt, who welcomed us, THE MOM BLOGGERS COMMUNITY and awed us with her presence and a warm welcome.

Chef Hasnein from @hafele_india gave us an amazing tour of the entire #kitchenstudioz! It was an enriching experience for all of us where we learnt so much about how to choose / design our kitchen, how to choose the right appliances for our kitchen and of course, the products are available at a discounted price in Vijay Sales Store.

After the showcase of the 3rd floor of this magnificent Vijay Sales Building, we were asked our thoughts on the dream kitchen. And the magical aura of Kitchenstudioz made me imagine my dream kitchen too!

How relaxing it would be when my chopping work is done by a chopper/food processor, all my cooking gets done in a jiffy in my all-in-one oven by hafele or the all-in-one steam oven by Whirlpool India, while I have a look around my son through my island kitchen. As the dinner gets ready, hubby darling enters and we eat our food together. Afterall, a happy family is the one that eats the meal together. And as we finish our dinner, I put all the vessels into the beautiful dishwasher and set it on! One hour of family time, we play carrom or ludo or maybe a series in Netflix or a quick refreshing night walk. As we return, we have our chilled juice from the white built-in Hafele refrigerator and retire to our beds. The day starts and so does my household chores, but the only difference being, my kitchen time has reduced drastically and Me-time has been a new entrant. It just feels WOW when I imagine this, however I realise that I should have got my hubby along with me to make my dream come true. So I mentally make note of the dream kitchen and head to the courteous and polite staff for taking a note of the prices of my products.

Faber Kitchen Range

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So, ladies and gentlemen, now you know the place, so hurry up, swipe the card and make the dream kitchen a reality in your life!

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    1. I am obsessed with my kitchen too and undoubtedly its the cleanest place of ny home. I am surely going to explore the store.

  1. Wow lovely place. I didn’t know whirlpool also had kitchen interiors. They have come a long way from just appliances. Oh am I just the ignorant one as usual?

  2. this is really my dream kitchen more of smart kitchen do works in one click or in few minutes. women spent half of time in kitchen probably smart kitchen new hope for us.

  3. I always wanted to have a kitchen like this. I definitely got so many ideas from this post. Thanks for sharing such amazing modules.

  4. Truely said, a good and spacious kitchen can add to the beauty not just if the house but in the food too. When the kitchen is well equipped with good appliances and modular, great food comes out of such kitchen. Alas, kitchen spaces in Mumbai houses take a beating but never the less, we can always hope for a bigger better kitchen

  5. You don’t have to be a top-chef to have a fabulous kitchen! These really looks so good. This kitchen really looks amazing.

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