BlogchatterA2Z Challenge – Theme Reveal

April marks the beginning of a new month, a new season, a new financial year and the start of summer holidays. It is the time of fresh mangoes, chilled milkshakes and a trip to our native homes. Children wait with much anticipation for this month, they have serious plans you see!

Well, for me, this year April is super special and interesting. It is going to be a new-action-packed month, with me hustling between my family commitments, Instagram, vacation to Dharmshala-Dalhousie and my 26 days of blogging! Yes, you heard it right! I will be writing 26 blog-posts in 30 days! It sounds challenging, hectic and time-consuming right? So, let me tell you one more thing – my posts will have an alphabetical order, i.e., starting from A till Z!


Now, many of you would want to ask questions like:
1. Whom am I writing it for?
2. Why am I doing it?
3. What am I going to write?
4. What is the benefit of doing it?   and most importantly,
5. What are we supposed to do?

So let me explain! 

  1. I am participating in A TO Z CHALLENGE by BLOGCHATTER – a community that encompasses a lot of bloggers and social media enthusiasts. Every year, in the month of April, Blogchatter Community organises this unique challenge #blogchatterA2Z, which challenges and inspires the entire blogging community to pen down our thoughts as per the selected theme for a month. So beginning with alphabet A on April 1st, alphabet B on April 2nd and so on, I shall write one blog post a day from Monday till Saturday. Sundays are a break day(to plan and draft the posts). So, it is ONE THEME for 26 DAYS consisting of 26 ALPHABETSAnd I guess, this answers your first question.


  2. Why am I doing it? – Well because I am a Stay-At-Home-Mom, have plenty of time to laze around and have a very silent & obedient toddler(JUST KIDDING – although the first reason is true!).I belonged to the media world prior to getting married(I still am from the bottom of my heart), so when motherhood gave me this opportunity to express my feelings in the social media world, I was glad to accept it. So, this year when I came to know #blogchatterA2Z, my first reaction was ‘WOW, I MUST PARTICIPATE”. But as the theme reveal dates came closer, I started to ponder and self-introspect, if I really wanted to do it, will I be able to finish it and what should be my final topic! Sleep, anyway a long-lost friend and Blogchatter would definitely consume my time(THAT MEANS SLEEP BECOMES A DISTANT RELATIVE now). Then, you might ask what was the motivating factor? 

    My reason is simple – No other challenge is as huge and difficult as MOTHERHOOD is and I emerge victorious each day. Every night, I have my peace of mind seeing my little one grow into a good tiny human. So, when I could face this, then why not a BLOG CHALLENGE. Afterall, I had chosen blogging as my alternative career. And now, I am all geared up to participate and successfully complete my #firstblogchatterchallenge.

  3.  What am I go to write? I started this blog to write about my journey as a first time mother, the nurture and nourishment required to raise a child, the experiences I gained as a mother, the food recipes etc. So deciding one specific topic from the motherhood journey was difficult, nevertheless – <Drum Rolls> <Curtain Raises> Ladies and Gentlemen, hold your seats, presenting you all the much awaited Theme Reveal for BlogchatterA2Z 2019(hehe, relax). Well, the theme for my posts for #blogchatterA2Z2019 is


    So, I will be sharing a lot of personal experiences, stories, tips and the ways to nurture the little ones. You can also find many secret recipes , DIYs, etc to raise a healthy, intelligent and active child, that have been handy in raising Ayaansh. 


  4. What is the benefit of doing it?Well, writing is a therapy for me. And writing about my parenting journey is the first reason I opened this blog site.  But, due to many a personal reasons, I couldn’t write for a long time after I created plus I am a person who needs lots of silence when I need to write. So, not getting enough silence would always be my first excuse. So with the BLOGCHATTER CHALLENGE, I hope to write daily, shoving my excuses and problems aside and emerge victorious by the end of this Challenge. Also, writing daily would put me into a habit of dedicating a ME time. On, the professional front, I want to garner more readers for my blog, have a good reach, inspire moms and document my journey at one place so that it is easier for my readers to navigate through the pages.
  5. What are we expected to do?One of the reasons to start the blog was to make parenting easier for new moms. So my dear readers:– I expect you all to read my posts daily  or at least once in 2 days,

    – Share your lots of love in the form of  comments / feedback in the column provided below.

    – Please do share your experiences/tips or if you have any queries, just punch them in – I will be glad to answer.

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And, that’s all for now. I hope that you will enjoy reading the roller-coaster ride of my parenting journey.

Also, do let me know in the comments of what you think about my theme for #blogchatterA2Z.

And do not forget to share this post! Afterall, gyaan baatne se badta hai! 🙂